Hello my friend! I am so glad you made it and visit  my website called Mili! – Self Improvement Guide. Mili  is part of a say “if i will not do for my self who does”. This site is really special to me because I myself from the time i know me work on my self improvement. More info and links to articles on Self Improvement at our home page! Most of us wants to live a happy life! if you really check deeply you know that this is most people goal. you have to realize that you have the power to achieve it by taking control of your life. you can ask for advice. but you have to make the final decision on every aspect of your life.
mili means who else will take care for me but me! there is a say that “Rome was not built in one day” not much you can improve in one day. this is a self improvement track that start one day and continue through your entire life.
maybe it is comfortable to let others control your life, but believe me  you will never be happy that way.
i hope you will visit our site once an a while and take with you some tips and answers to questions for the track of your life.