Self Improvement

Success in life = self-improvement, we come into the world with a lot of potential for success, but what brings true success is a process of self-improvement in areas we want to succeed. Each person in its domain, yet the world is not new and many were the same process of self improvement then you should really learn from the experience of those who have already succeeded. Self improvement is not a one-time thing, but a permanent process of seeking and desire for self-improvement.

related to self-improvement is habits and routine in which we operate. Elements of self-improvement are simple. Procedure is the basis for self-improvement like everything else in life, “building” depends on stability. Stability created by the daily routine of life. However should not let routine take over our lives completely. Everything we want we will hold over time must be part of our daily routine, for example, we understand that we must get up early and start early. Therefore set ourselves a certain time that we wake up and even will adjust the Alarm clock. If it is not it will not be routine. And our life will not be in order. So if we decided to improve on a specific area of our life make it as part of routine we were having, at first it’s hard, but soon we practice it looks really natural for us.

another aspect of self-improvement is simplicity. General simplicity is the foundation for success. Complicated things do not last long. Need to maintain energy for a long time to be a success. Intensive effort tiring, sometimes you should say “no” to others and less to volunteer to take on ourselves all. If you take all the tasks it wear you and you become less satisfied and your energy will be lost. Be able to perform self-improvement must evacuate some other tasks.

Self-improvement will learn how to get some peace of mind. Every day people need peace of mind for at least half an hour and it does not include the time you lay your head on the pillow to sleep. Sleep is for recovery, relaxation is a state of body and mind awake, relaxation relaxing the body without going to sleep. Try meditation, this is one of the most prominent forms of self-improvement known.

Process of self-improvement has a growing people discover that it creates a sense of achievement and progress. One way to achieve this process, is by martial arts practice. Traditional Asian martial arts, such as Tai Chi Chuan, there is a framework that teaches you discipline and order, even if they do not make you an expert martial art. Even yoga and Pilate’s is a way to practice and use the body well and healthy. The point of all this is why martial arts will teach you not just so you can defend yourself, but it will help you get control of yourself, emotionally, by instilling self-control, and providing an excellent form of exercise. Where I live there is Tai Chi Chuan & yoga classes free by the municipality given by a professional guides instructor,  two hours a week one our in yoga and 1 Tai Chi Chuan. when there is a good weather it is done Outdoors.

There are of course many other sources of self-improvement. The main thing to remember is that it is up to you and no one else, to make the changes in your life you see that fits you. We have a free choice in our lives, and the freedom to choose is everything. What could we ask more?