what is holding entrepreneurs back from achieving success?

The entrepreneur’s greatest Negative feature is lack of focus – a jump from topic to topic. The entrepreneur sees an idea that excites him and begins to organize and promote it. After a while the entrepreneur encounter to a new idea, that he read in the newspaper or online, he feel that it is a great idea
And then he put aside the first idea and start promoting the new. So goes part of entrepreneurs to start many projects but never reach critical mass to the success.
One solution for the jumping from one idea to another can be partnered with someone that is less entrepreneur and more solid on the ground. so he complements the shortcomings of the entrepreneur.
A similar problem calls for patience! sometimes The entrepreneur’s want fast results , then he abandoned the project before it matures. for some reason people understand that to bring a birth must wait nine months but not less, otherwise they may receive damaged birth.
But when it comes to a project they want results immediately. I think a project is like a cake, it must have the right ingredients and right amounts. bake the cake just the right time otherwise you we will not get good cake that you expect.

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