It easy to succeed in entrepreneurship and easy to miss!

I know it is easy to say but much harder to implement changes in our habits related to our Behavior.
but if you decided that you want to be a successful entrepreneur you must adapt right habits. and follow the rules of the universe to success. If you don’t want to follow the rules it is ok. but you have to be aware that it is a package deal.
you can’t ask only for one part of the deal. you don’t expect to buy something without paying for it. there is no such thing. you always pay something sooner or later. one way or the other. so let’s  go over some rules and correct habits of successful entrepreneur.

A winner is all the time in a doing process!

Do not be afraid of making mistakes – only people who do makes mistakes – and the more you do, the more mistakes happened. As you do more you will learn and improve until you make it right.
you have to point to the completed task planed not half job. if you stop in the middle of the track is like you did not start.

Successful entrepreneur is Surrounded with a successful mind peoples and run  away from losers mind peoples.
If you chose to be a successful entrepreneur – you should learn from those who succeed and adopt their habits and techniques of successful.

Let others work for you!
You should understand as early as possible you can not do everything alone yourself and you need to get assistance from others. that can do the job better and cheaper than you.
However there are things you must take yourself in business like marketing. At least 50% of your time in your business should be spent on marketing and sales.
even if you decide someone else will deal with marketing and sales still you should know and involved in the marketing of your business.

Invest in innovation and not Invention! you do not need to invent new things but to improve existing things that already proved to have an existing potential buyers .

One last thing is to think wealthy there is a big market and understand, people buying what they want, your job is to help them find what they want and sell it to them.

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