A common question many people moving up the ladder in their career have is about effective leadership skills. Though I believe these can be learned, I also believe that this is something that you are born with. There are certain traits that every human being has, and every person is different. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, and we often have to learn to deal with what we are given. Leadership is one of those things that is so abstract that no one can really put a finger on the reason it is so strong in some and is existent in others.

I have always thought that effective leadership skills were something that you saw in a person at a very young age. If you have a four or five year old child who seems to be very natural at leading other children in play, you can expect that when they grow up they will have effective leadership skills. Though there are some circumstances in life that may negate this talent, for the most part, these children will be the ones who will maintain this sort of confidence later in life.

I have read many articles on effective leadership skills, and I have seen that many people like to disagree about what exactly that means. To me, effective leadership skills are ones that draw people together without negativity or force to move towards a common good or goal. These people who have effective leadership skills can do this very thing with relative ease. It is not a skill that they learned anywhere, it is something that they have and have always had with them.

However, I do believe that effective leadership skills can be taught to a point. If you must learn the skills, you may not have the natural grace and power of someone who was born with them, but you can be an effective leader. You can learn how to lead people in a positive way, but you cannot learn self-confidence. If you’re working on your effective leadership skills, perhaps the first thing you should work on is your self-confidence. You have to learn to believe in yourself and your ability to make snap decisions. You also have to believe that you can make good decisions, and that people will want to help you. Once you get the confidence part taking care of, the rest may come naturally to you.