Teeth Whitening – Advantages of over the counter purchase

The main advantage of buying Teeth Whitening kit over the counter is the cost. Price ranges from $ 10 to $ 35 to confronted when the Ministry of Health to135 $, or compared to teeth whitening at the dentist costing from $ 600 to $ 1000, and in some cases even more, beyond the purchase price is really attractive not to mention the results of whitening teeth can be the same. Whether it makes many people hesitate for fear that it was not supervised, in terms of its safety.

I think before you choose to purchase this product Find out with friends or people you know may have used this product so you can be more relaxed.
Except when there is a special problem tooth gums when teeth tend to sensitize all the elements you put in your mouth causes the teeth to be easily aroused, have a variety of teeth whitening products that care for cosmetic improvement. Teeth whitening gels, strips, pens, gurgles and other treatments typically for self-help usually mix very easy. This is not done just to avoid problems, but to market the products most effectively. Very successful products depend much on word of mouth and repeat sales. Those who are against buying over the counter teeth whitening seems to have an interest. Especially dentists, this product we sell has a permit to the Ministry of Health in Israel and Europe. And yet was sold at $ 100 price is not expensive.

I would not recommend going on all product also unknown if he has medical supervision does not mean much but it’s harmless. This does not mean he does the job and really whitens the teeth.

Even as a professional teeth whitening under the supervision of active oxygen treatments contain its bleaching agent that is safe enough even for home use, on-the-counter preparations containing carbamide peroxide which is safe easy. Effects are the same. While hydrogen peroxide is faster, carbamide peroxide when left in the mouth for a time divided into urea and hydrogen peroxide acts on stains by the process of oxidation. It gets into spaces of the poles of the tooth enamel, lifting stains drains away the stain. How many rehearsals it turned white teeth like its original color. Since the counter teeth whitening trays are easier, it will take longer treatments but would also prevent gum irritation tooth sensitivity.

Another concern is whether the bleach weakens the enamel of the tooth.

A study by Kugel et al confirms that, indeed, repeated use and prolonged of peroxides can weaken the enamel of the tooth. However, the effects are very minor. Besides, the saliva replaces the tooth enamel that is lost, if any exists. I would not recommend more than a year to repeat the treatment series.

Even for people with tooth sensitivity and gum that can easily be aroused, the discomfort is easily repaired by gel pastes containing fluoride or less frequent use of white agents.

Not everyone is a good candidate for whitening teeth. Innocent teeth which are resistant to bleaching. These are examples of tooth trauma caused a blood stain that seeped into dentin, people with fillings, crowns and veneers. Crowns, fillings fronts and always keep its default color while those deep within the dentin should be taken care of professional supervision.
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