Improve your posture now and save yourself some pain later in life!

Don’t you remember your Mom telling you to stand up straight? When you’re a kid, this is just another annoying dictate from your parent.  What good is it going to do you to stand up straight? Actually, plenty. When you’re young, improving posture is not on your short list of things to do. In fact, it’s sometimes frowned upon by your peers, making you look snooty or above it all. Slouching is in and for all your Mom’s good intent, you don’t give her admonition a second thought. What you need to know is that when you improve posture, you’re saving yourself from a good dose of pain later on in years. It’s well known that kids just don’t think of body pains becoming a regular experience. Kids can’t even think of being old, much less the stuff that accompanies age. Here’s a few newsflashes that will hopefully change your mind.

Young people usually can’t help but look and feel great. Hey, you’re young! Slouching doesn’t take a lot away from that fresh youthful look. The saggy pants fad proves that. On the other hand, young women who go in for modeling soon learn that a straight back is what the magazines like. There must be a reason.

When your spine is aligned and you’re standing straight, all the other body parts seem to fall into step. Legs look longer, clothes look better and you seem to have an inexplicably graceful posture. Everything looks excellent! Models are trained to improve posture with some rigorous exercises. Good posture translates to good looks. Poor posture doesn’t cut it in the fashion world.

If you want to look good, well into your older years, here are some exercises which will improve posture tremendously. The most famous, tried and true technique involves putting a heavy book on top of your head. You place the book such that it stays put while you walk around the house. This takes practice, but you’ll find the trick is all in a straight spine.

When you’ve mastered the book, it’s time to put your shoulders back. You may have learned this in the book exercise. Keep your shoulders back, your head straight and your hips aligned with your spine’s natural curve. Try doing some pirouettes in place, with all these body parts as stated. Now you’re developing grace of movement and improving posture all at once.

The real test to improved posture comes when you can execute all of these moves in heels. When you can do this, you’re ready for the runway. The really big payoff comes many years later, when you still stand straight, look years younger and don’t suffer constant back pain!